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Travel day part 2

On the second leg of our travel day, we enjoyed a 5 hour layover in Houston, flew to panama, indulged in a beautiful sunset on the plane, and watched Kadan fall asleep all over. Although our time in Houston was fun, we were all eager to be out of the airport and on our way to Panama. We eventually boarded the plane, with Ms. Monroe leaving the students for business class. On the plane, we played cards, ate snacks, watched shows, and of course, Kaden slept. We watches the beutiful sun set over Honduras as we flew above. After a long 4 hours, we met our tour director in the panama city airport. Gabe gave us a quick history lesson on Panama City on the way to our hotel. Once at the hotel we quickly unpacked and went out onto the patio for dinner. While waiting for our food Raymond found a cat and quickly became best friends with it. The cat was later named Gladdis. We then ate chicken sandwiches for dinner which marked our first meal in Panama. After we finished eating we went for a quick swim to finish off our long travel day. We went to bed, and are ready to do it all again today!

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