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June 24th

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

This morning was a quick breakfast into an eventful day. We hopped on a bus and went straight to the catacombs; tomb's of ancient Romans that died long ago. The ways that architects built there way around the problem of overcrowding cemeteries by using the catacombs was really interesting. Our next stop was the Basilica of Saint Paul. This is where Saint Paul's tomb and displayed all of the former popes. After waiting in an extremely long line for lunch we hopped back on the bus traveling back in time to become ancient gladiators that thought long ago and went though an extreme training camp and was trained in archley swordsmanship and more. Now bonded through blood we jammed out to tunes on the bus and traveled back to the future, trudging through the rain to an amazing lezania meal with tiramisu for desert. After that we came back to the hotel for some free time before going to bed.

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