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The Founders

Ally Monroe and Amanda Wilson, have successfully taken over 130 students from the Summit community abroad. With their current partners, EF (Education First) Tours, Ally and Amanda have traveled to Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Panama,  Colombia, and Portugal. 

Hello friends!


I teach 7th-grade Language Arts in Frisco, Colorado. I absolutely love my job and everything it entails. In my free time, I love to get outside for a hike, take a ride on my mountain bike, or maybe play a round of golf. I also enjoy curling up with my animals and a good book.


On school breaks, you will more than likely find me in another country; which is precisely where the idea for Teach Wanderlust came from.


Travel has been a huge part of my life in recent years. It has taught me so much about the world in ways that a textbook can not. Seeing other cultures has completely opened my mind. 


As of 2023, I have been to 30 countries and counting. I can't wait to see what we come up with next!





Allyson Monroe

Executive Director
Director of Operations & Communications

Amanda Wilson


Hey everyone! Great to meet you!

Basically, there are three things that will forever keep me smiling: family, teaching science, and traveling.

I moved from California to Colorado close to 10 years ago, and since then, my family has grown to include my niece and nephew. Since they are arguably the coolest humans on the planet, travel has gone from a luxury to a necessity. While traveling home to the Bay Area, I am reinvigorated by familiar places by experiencing them with a younger generation.

I have been a science teacher at Snowy Peaks (SCORE!) since 2018 and since that time, I have had the privilege of teaching 7th-12th grade. While being there, I have also continued to develop my appreciation for experiential learning outside of the classroom (like traveling.. duh!)

There's not enough time (nor am I much of a writer) to describe the impact personal travel has had on me. All I will say is that I believe deep down to my core that adventures make the heart grow fonder of other cultures, the people you travel with, and yourself. So.... Where to next??!!


Can't wait to see you on our next trip, 

Amanda :)

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