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June 25th 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Today we started off very strong with a breakfast for kings at 7:30 and we were off to the great colosseum of Rome by 8:00. We took a guided tour of the colosseum around 9:30, learning about what it looked like before the fire and how the entire thing was made of marble before it was destroyed. We also learned a bit about how it was built and how they used a "Lego Brick Like" structure; they put bronze rods in to connect different rock slabs to make the colosseum. After that, we walked to the Roman Forum to explore and live like ancient Romans. We saw the great Julius Cesar's grave, in which he is remembered because of the 23 times he was stabed to death in the mission of becoming emperor. After that we had some free time around Rome to explore on our own. Then we became chefs when we went to our pasta making class. For lunch, we ate the pasta we made and then had a great tiramisu for a little desert treat. After the pasta making class, we had a bunch of free time until we went to dinner. For dinner, we had some meat with salad and some tomato bread, and for desert, we had some chocolate and strawberry ice cream. After dinner, we had some more free time around the city of Rome till around 8:30. Then, we came back to the hotel and gave out awards to some of the kids and prizes to those who got the awards. After that we went to bed around 10:30. Today was a really fun day full of joy and laughter but also sadness because its our last day. Tomorrow, everyone will be waking up bright and early for our flights home!

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