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June 18th

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hi! It's Anna! Our day started off by waking up to breathtaking views of the Swiss alps! After a yummy breakfast of bread with jam, some cheese, and juice, we were headed out at 8:30 sharp! Everyone enjoyed the views of the alpine lakes and mountains as we headed for Grindelwald to take the Ziprider. The views from the gondola were stunning, and some Taylor Swift was sung.

Then, everyone chose between either riding the Flyer or Glyder, or taking an incredibly scenic Cliff Walk. Most students chose the Flyer, which was a 4 person ride where the riders would lay down and fly down a section of the mountain, a little zip line-like. Unfortunately, the line for this ride took a bit longer than expected we left Grindelwald a little late, but the views were great!

After shoveling down some ice cream and loading the bus, out next stop was an adventure ropes park in Interlaken.

There, everyone enjoyed the intricate and exciting routes, varying from green to black (easiest to hardest, just like ski runs!). These runs consisted of zip lines, bridges, ladders, balance beams, etc.

Of course this was tiring, so many people enjoyed a nap on the ride to our next destination. After that, we enjoyed some veggies with boiled potatoes and fried fish at a river side restaurant, with some ice cream for desert. A sunset, some kids ventured off to explore the area surrounding the hotel and everyone was in their rooms for curfew to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow's activities.

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