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June 17 - A Day of Sightseeing

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hello again everybody, this is Bella and Cece!

The day started bright and early with breakfast at 8am. The kids tried different types of muesli, yogurt, and cheese. Then we drove back to the mountains and had free time in Lucerne. Some kids visited the Lucerne Border Tower. After free time, we went on a boat cruise across Lake Lucerne from Lucerne City to Mount Rigi. It had very beautiful, stunning view on the way up and at the top. Then we took a gondola back to the bottom of the mountain. We took then took the bus back to Lucerne for our folklore dinner and had a bit of free time before hand. Many kids got gelato and did some shopping during this time. At dinner, fondue was served as an appetizer, which was very delicious. The main course was rosti, which is cheesy hashbrowns. During the folklore dinner, performers sang, danced, and yodeled. Some of the travelers did too. The dinner ended around 10:30 and the exhausted travelers and chaperones headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Gut Nacht!

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