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June 16

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Guete Morge Zamma! Gluten Morgen! Breakfast was at 8:30am today, then we packed up and got on the bus at 9:45, where we then headed to the Lindt Chocolate Museum and meet tour guide number 2: Silvia! There was plenty of free chocolate that the travers thoroughly enjoyed. There has been chocolate on all of their hands today. Leaving Zurich, we learned about Swiss culture from Alexis and then we spent an hour driving to Lucerne (Luzern). We got out at lake Lucerne where we had free time/lunch. My children taught the others the cool bakery items to buy at the store. Then we went on a walking tour of Lucerne. We saw the Lowendenkmal (or the lion monument that is carved into a rock) and the Church of Saint Leodegar. After this we went to see a really old bridge in Lucerne, called the Kappellbrucke. The bridge has been around since the 14th century! Then the kids were set free to buy gifts! After about an hour of free time, we got back on the bus to drive to our hotel for the next two nights. On our drive, we saw a lot of beautiful mountains, lakes, and many picturesque views. Once we got to the hotel, everyone had a bit of free time and then it was time for dinner. We had pasta with chicken for dinner and it was ver delicious! I think everyone originally thought desert was cheese because it was strawberries on a plate with two white chunks, but it turned out to be a really good sorbet! After dinner, most of the kids went and explored around the hotel. There was a nice little park really close and a lot of cute, stray cats as well. As the sun was setting, the mountains were absolutely gorgeous. Overall though, I think EF gave us a really great hotel as the hotel is nice and the views are breathtaking! By 10, everybody was in their rooms and ready to get sleep so they can be prepared for the day tomorrow.

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