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Day one and two!!!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hello travelers and parents!

We have arrived! My name is Bella, I am a chaperone! I am with the wonderful middle schoolers. Our day started around 6am in Summit county, I then met with my car pool group at 7am (I am sure many travelers can relate) and when we arrived at the airport 37 other travelers were there waiting with me! Our first flight was at 12:07pm from DIA to JFK airport! It was a very successful flight! Then we landed early at JFK and finally got off the tarmac after waiting 30 minutes for a gate. Then we had a 2 hour layover, everyone went around and got some food before our overnight to Zurich. The plane was fairly empty so a lot of the kids were able to get a space between them or their own isle. Every kid slept at least one hour on the flight.

When we landed we headed through customs quickly and then met tour guide number one: Alexis! As soon as we met her we headed to the city of Zurich. She took us to some sight seeing. Then we had about four hours of free time where the kids broke into groups of four or more and got to discover Zurich themselves. Exploring group went to the train station, we went to an ATM and Currency Exchange. I introduced them to the clean water fountains that are present in every Swiss city. They all took a turn filling their water bottles with the pure alps water. I also took them to the local grocery stores and showed them my favorite lunches, snacks, and drinks!

After free time, we went to the Hotel, got out room assignments and then ate dinner! For those who have followed the blog through the years, you’d be surprised to know we had… chicken and rice! It was rated by Ms. Monroe and Cece as 10/10 (better than last year’s). After lunch we waited for bus 2 to arrive, their flight was cancelled between London and Zurich. They they ended up landing in Basel (France) then drove back into Switzerland and met us! By 10pm all the kids were in bed and ready to sleep until we woke up at 8am the next day!

Signing off!


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