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Day 5: First Day in Berlin

After a later-than-usual start to the morning, the travelers (with a little extra sleep) were off on a bus tour of Berlin. From the old Nazi Headquarters in the center of Berlin, The Soviet Memorial, and even the remains of the Berlin Wall, the travelers learned the rich history of the city.

Traveling once again by bus, the group arrived at the Berlin Spy Museum! At the museum, travelers were able to enjoy exhibits featuring cryptography, World War 2 spy gadgets, a lie dector test, a laser maze and much, much more. The crowd favorite laser maze was where the group spent most of their precious time, ducking under and climbing through the array of lasers.

After the experience at the Spy Museum the travelers got the opportunity to visit a memorial for the Soviet Unions unrecognized lost soldiers. They learned about the horrible pressures on the Soviet solders to serve. They were told their one purpose in life was to serve the Union.

After visiting the memorial the travelers got the opportunity to visit the Remains of the famous Berlin wall. This interesting piece of concrete contains great amounts of history as well as many beautiful modern day pieces of artwork. Many artists have come together at this wall to create the masterpieces on it to have show the symbolism of the wall.

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