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Day 2- Amsterdam

Day two: some of us started early and some later, but we all eventually made it some way or another. When the later group landed for their layover in Vancouver, someone forgot their passport on the plane and had to leave the airport to get it. They almost missed the flight, but they made it. The earlier flight had to RUN through the airport in Toronto and also nearly missed their flight, but in the end, everyone made their flight.

When we (later group) landed in Amsterdam, we met Chirstoph through a window while waiting for luggage. Then we actually met Christoph and he gave us stroopwafels- they were delicious.

The fist group that arrived got to visit the Van Gogh Museum. While we were going through customs.

Our group immediately got on a bus and went to town and walked to the Anne Frank House. Ms. Monroe was able to secure our tickets even though were were over two hours late for our entry time. We got to see the town center and the royal palace on the way to Anne Frank’s house. The Secret Annex was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. In the book Anne makes it sound a lot smaller. In the book Anne explains that she can hear the church bells from the Annex, in the picture below you can see the church.

After we saw the House we got to take a walking tour of a small portion of Amsterdam and see some monumantes it was super cool to see all the art in the city. One of the sweet loves stories invlove these bikes in the pictures below, there also are some pictures of a few of the memorials.

These little copper stones are called the “stumbling stones” and they are all over Europe. The reason they are called stumbling stones are because people are always looking up or on their phones and don’t notice that they are right next to a monument and they stumble upon the stones. These say the names,the day they were taken and where they died. They are placed in front of the homes where these people lived before they were taken from their homes and murdered in the camps.

After our walking tour we took a dinner cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. We had pulled beef and mashed potato’s for dinner and for desert we had fruit with whipped cream.

We got too see Anne Frank’s house from the outside(Again). There was a back deck where you could sit and look out and we had a glass roof with tons of windows. We went to a store to get some food and drinks for the night. Also we went to get some toiletries that were robbed at the Toronto Airport.

Hilarious Highlight: After we went to the super market I rode in one of the little cars for 50 cents.

Written by: Hamilton

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