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Day 3: Amsterdam to Berlin

Today we took the train to Berlin. It took 6 hours to get to Berlin but we were only on the train for 5 hours. After the first 3 hours, we had a hour at a transfer station to get some food be for we had to get on a new train. From there we only had 2 more hours to go. On the train most of us fell asleep, so the train ride did not feel as long.

When we got to Berlin we went to a Holocaust Memorial. The memorial was unreal to see because their was no writing at the site. With there not being any we where abale to interpret it in our own ways. The site was a bunch of concrete blocks that where all at difrent hights. My interpretshon on the memorial site was that the blocks stood for difrent parts of the war like the ups and the downs.

After the Holoccaust Memorial we get to take the subway for the frist time on the trip. The subway was cool becuase it was only 9 eueos for a month long pass making it vary affordable. After we got of the subway than walked to dinner. Dinner was on the 6th floor of a dipartment store. For dinner we had chicken breast with rice and vegetables. Once we finished dinner we had a scaviger hunt. for the scaviger hunt we had to take pictures of four buildings and we had to use a crayon to transfer the texshter of something in the area.

Written by Miles

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