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Day 4!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Today after a fast breakfast, we headed over to the Panama canal to ride a boat on Lake Gatun and discover the wonders of Monkey Island. We saw three types of monkeys, an alligator, a turtle, small bats, cool birds, and much more! Today was filled with fun and wildlife.

We started off the day well by traveling out to the Panama Canal for a boat ride to Monkey Island. While there, we saw all kinds of different wildlife, like mentioned before. We also briefly learned about the importance of not feeding the monkeys on the island, as it leads to a human dependence that is unhealthy for the animals. We saw some people breaking this rule and that wasn't cool.

After spending some nice leisurely time on the island, we headed to an area nearby for a short fun nature hike! While there, we enjoyed more sitings of native Panamanian animals. We saw poison dart and strawberry dart frogs, as well as a lot of really cool birds along the trail.

Once we were tuckered out from our long morning of sun, we had a nice lunch at a food court nearby then headed over to Casco Viejo for some shopping. We learned the US Secretary of State was in Panama, at Casco Viejo! We spent some time taking photos and walking around, and eventually met back up at a super nice rooftop bar in Casco Viejo.

Written by Heidi!

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