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Day 3!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to day 3! After an early start to the morning and a bit of breakfast, we headed off to the pineapple farm. We met the lovely miss Edna (truly the best) where she indulged us in wildlife and treated us to the best pineapple in the world! Before we made it to the pineapple farm, we were on the lookout for sloths and Edna spotted "Paul" the sloth.

After Ms.Monroe checked sloth off her bucket list, we got to enjoy the sweetest pineapples in the world. If you get the chance, it’s definitely worth it to try some Panamanian pineapples. Below you can witness some girls and their pineapples.

Victoria's new bestie, Jimmy.

After having a second serving, another hilarious highlight appeared. Everyone had gotten a bit full except for a few of us…

After seeing the farms, Edna invited us to lunch at her house, where we had wonderful chicken and rice with banana bread and a pineapple smoothie. She then showed us the wonderful process of packing the pineapple to ship all over the world and we even got to try a premium pineapple. We also decided to chip in a bit and help pack some pineapple!

After the intense pineapple packing, we reached the end of our tour. After saying our goodbyes we headed to our next destination, a waterfall pool in the middle of the jungle in El Valle de Anton! On the walk to the pool we saw amazing sights and hopped into the pool as soon as we got there!

After a refreshing dive into the pool we headed to meet some of the local people where we were treated to some local Panamanian dances and music and then out of nowhere we were treated to a sudden dress up and dance lessons where we all had fun dancing with the local children!

Another hilarious highlight of the day came when Kayden aced the final dance move.

So with that we headed back to bed and started getting ready for an exciting next day.

~Raymond Nguyen signing out

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