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Central Europe Packing List!

Hey travelers! We are just one month away from our trip to Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, and Munich. We are going for 12 days and with the wide range of places we will be visiting, you should be prepared for anything. So, here is my packing list for our trip (be aware that you do not need to bring the same things I have. As the group leader, I also bring extras of things in case of an emergency.)


1x Travel Backpack (EF Tours supplies one to every traveler)

1x Carry On (highly recommended to NOT check a bag-- I will be in Europe for a month, so I am actually checking my bag, otherwise I would not be doing so)


This is up to you! My method is to lay out clothes for every day and count how many outfits I have. I also will mix and match. I would say that I pack for about 6 days then mix and match my outfits the rest of the time. But as a rule of thumb, I always pack the following:

- Undergarments for the entire trip + extra

- One nice outfit (dress)

- One sweater

- One pair of long pants

- One pair of shorts

- One swimsuit (you never know if a hotel will have a pool)

- One pair of super comfy walking shoes

- One pair of sandals

- One hat

- Sunglasses

Toiletries (all TSA compliant):

- Shampoo and conditioner

- Hairbrush & ties

- SPF 30 Sunscreen

- Toothbrush & toothpaste

- Deodorant


- AirPods

- iPad

- Cell Phone

- Personal Camera

- Polaroid Camera

- External battery charger

- Chargers for the above

- European adapter: Should look similar to this, with the two round prongs.

My "Airplane Kit":

- My Passport with wallet (In my wallet: ATM card, no foreign transaction fee credit card, Passport (obvs), color copy of passport, insurance card, $50 in Euros-- can be exchanged at local banks before departure)

- Silk eye mask

- One pair of earbuds (most planes still required wired headphones to plug into their monitors)

- One pen and a small notebook (you will need a pen to fill out the customs form before landing

- One neck pillow

- One pack of "no jet lag" homeopathic pills

The "Emergency" Kit (I probably wouldn't have this much for a solo trip-- but just in case one of my travelers is having an emergency):

- Activated Charcoal

- Imodium, Pepto, and holistic anti-diarrhea chewables

- Bandaids

- Cortisone cream

- Essential oils: peppermint, tea tree, lavender

- "No Jet Lag"Holistic motion sickness chewables

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