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Spring Break 2022: Discover Panama

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

April 10-17 (dates pending a change by the school district)

Day 1: Fly to Panama

-Meet your Tour Director at the airport

Day 2: Panama City

- Visit the Panamá Viejo ruins and museum

- Take a tour of Casco Viejo

- Visit the Biomuseo

- Take a group photo by the Panama sign on the Amador Causeway

Day 3: Panama City • El Valle de Antón

- Take a day trip to El Valle de AntónVisit a pineapple farm

- Explore hiking trails en El Valle de Antón

- See a youth folklore dance show

Day 4: Panama City • Gatun Lake

- Take a boat ride on Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal

- Learn about the different species on Monkey Island

- Enjoy a hike in one of the parks that surround Panama City

Day 5: Panama City

- Visit the Panama Canal Administration Building

- Participate in a cultural exchange with locals

- Visit the Miraflores Visitor Center at the Panama Canal

Day 6: Panama City • Chagres National Park

- Take a day trip to Chagres National Park

- Take a canoe ride on the Rio Chagres

- Visit an Emberá indigenous village

Day 7: Panama City • Portobelo

- Take a day trip to Portobelo

- Go snorkeling

- Visit the Portobelo Ruins

Day 8: Depart for home

For more information or to sign up, visit:

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