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From Switzerland to Italy- June 2023

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Amanda and Ally are so excited to launch our newest educational tour. We have completely customized this tour and our pumped to announce that we are heading to Switzerland and Italy in June 2023. Interested? Check out the itinerary below:


Fly overnight to Switzerland

DAY 2 Zurich | Lucerne region

  • Meet your Tour Director at the airport

  • Travel to Lucerne

Ally Monroe took this photo on her last trip to Lucerne.

DAY 3 Lucerne region

  • Take a walking tour of Lucerne With your Tour Director you will see:

    • Lion Monument

    • Kapellbrücke

    • Lake Lucerne

  • Swiss Alps experience

  • Enjoy a Swiss Folklore Evening

DAY 4 Lucerne region

  • Visit Adventure Ropes Park

  • Take the Ziprider at Grindelwald First (pending safety approval)

DAY 5 Lucerne region | Naples region

  • Fly to Naples

  • Exploration time in Naples

DAY 6 Naples region

  • Tour the Galeria Borbonica Underground with an expert local guide

  • Visit a local buffalo mozzarella farm

  • Participate in a pizza-making class

DAY 7 Naples region

  • Enjoy a boat cruise in Capri

  • Tour Capri with an expert local guide

DAY 8 Naples region | Rome

  • Travel via Pompeii to Rome

  • Tour the ruins of Pompeii with an expert local guide

  • Enjoy a Fraschetta dinner in Arricia

DAY 9 Rome

  • Participate in a gladiator experience

  • Take a guided tour of Rome With your expert local guide you will visit:

    • Roman Forum

    • Colosseum

Roman Forum

DAY 10 Rome

  • Tour the Catacombs with an expert local guide

  • Enjoy exploration time near the Spanish Steps:

    • Trevi Fountain

    • Pantheon

    • Piazza Navona

    • Spanish Steps

DAY 11 Rome

  • Take a guided tour of Vatican City With your expert local guide you will visit:

    • Sistine Chapel

    • St. Peter’s Basilica

  • Pasta making class

DAY 12

Depart for home

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