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Women in STEM in Iceland!

Updated: Jun 8

Did you know that Icelandic people don't have a last name? My Icelandic name would actually be Allyson Brucesdottir. Your last name is your father's first name + daughter or son. Fun facts! Am I right?

GREAT NEWS regarding the Iceland trip that we posted about in our last blog post. We are increasing the maximum number of travelers from 6 to 8. This trip aims to address the gender disparity within STEM professions and professional leadership positions. We will travel to Iceland during the Summit School District April break. During this week, 10th and 11th grade females will travel and camp in camper vans with adult chaperones. The itinerary focuses on geological and environmental experiences that also promote independence, self-efficacy, and empowerment.

This includes snorkeling between two continental plates, visiting a geothermal power plant that recaptures CO2 from the atmosphere, chasing the northern lights, and exploring volcanoes, lava tunnels and glaciers.

If you are seeking an invite, are female, and in high school, please reach out to Ally at if you are interested. There are two spots left!

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