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Departure Day! We are off to Panama!

Hello! Today everyone, except for Kaden, showed up on time at the airport at 5am. Having woken up in the middle of the night, we were all a little delirious. Kaden is now 18, so Ms. Monroe couldn’t submit his Panama arrival forms, which caused us to make it to our gate with just five minutes to spare. But hey…we made it!

Early Morning Wake Up Call

After a short flight, we arrived in Houston for a three and a half hour long layover. This commenced the “free time” test. Can the travelers navigate an airport without adult supervision? The answer…..yes!

Heidi, Raymond, Victoria, Eliza, and Cece decided the perfect spot for lunch was none other than Panda Express. Kaden sent them a message on the group chat to check in after about 30 minutes on their own. They said things were going ”bad, so bad”

Panda Express Nom Noms

After it was clear they were doing just fine, Ms. Monroe and Kaden decided to step into the KLM Lounge for a quiet space. Kaden had a long night celebrating his 18th birthday at Red Rocks, so was due for some much needed sleep.

“The lights are too bright in here. Should I set an alarm?” -Kaden

Glad he found an innovating way to wear his mask.

Anyway, we will be boarding our flights in about two hours and shall be off to Panama City! Ms. Monroe has been in contact with our Tour Director and he is so excited for our arrival.

Updates coming soon!

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