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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Hello hello! We are just five days away from our departure to Panama. I wanted to quickly update our blog and remind parents that you can stay updated on our travels by following our tour blog.

On Saturday, April 16 our seven travelers will meet at DIA at the ripe hour of 5:00 am. After a brief layover in Houston, we should arrive in Panama City around 7:30 pm. We have been extremely fortunate in that we actually have a private tour over the following days exploring Panama. With just 7 travelers, that’s unheard of.

Our amazing Tour Director, Gabriel Ortiz has been very generous with his time. He is always the first TD that is requested for Panama trips. He easily could have said no and taken a larger group.

However, after meeting him in Colombia a couple of years ago, he promised me that he would lead my group. Gabe has led many trips with EF Tours but is most notable in his time spent traveling with National Geographic groups. He’s even led some trips to Amanda’s dream location: the Galapagos. He loves birds, sloths, monkeys, food, and all the things. Gabe is even a certified Dive Master (so cool)! I can’t wait to see him again and have him take us around his home country. He told me the number of students didn’t matter, he would have taken one, he just wanted to show me Panama and its amazing people. How amazing is that?

Each day one of our fabulous travelers will update this blog with the activities we participated in. Keep an eye out for pictures from the day and our “hilarious highlights.”

We are looking forward to traveling again and can’t wait to show you what we learn on our trip to Panama. The final countdown is here!


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