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Central Europe 2020(2022)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

12 Days

Netherlands | Germany | Poland

Overnight stays:

Amsterdam (2 nights)

Berlin (3 nights)

Warsaw (2 nights)

Munich (3 nights)

Day 1: Fly to the Netherlands

Board your overnight flight to Amsterdam!

Day 2: Amsterdam

-Arrive in Amsterdam

Travel through irrigated Dutch landscapes as you make your way to

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Known both as a center of

entertainment and as a city of classic design and architecture,

Amsterdam is a city of astonishing contrast.

-Free time for lunch at the Albert Cuyp Market

The Albert Cuypmarkt opened its stalls for trading in 1904. Today,

over 300 stalls offer everything from fruit and vegetables to cheeses,

spices and clothing. Feeling adventurous? Try some herring - a local


-Mapping the hiding places tour

Experience an immersive scavenger hunt experience across the city

of Amsterdam and gain insight into hiding places of persecuted

people's during WWII.

Day 3: Amsterdam

-Excursion to Volendam and Zaanse Schans

Discover the heart of the Dutch countryside in the picturesque fishing

village of Volendam and the living and working neighborhood of

Zaanse Schans, re-created to look like a 17th- or 18th-century Dutch

village. Make your way down the winding, cobblestone streets, past

charming shops and crooked houses. Stop in cheese- and

clog-making shops before returning to Amsterdam.

-Visit the Anne Frank House

Visit the Anne Frank House, where the young girl hid with her family

from 1942 to 1944-and where she penned the poignant diary that has

been translated into dozens of languages worldwide. (Pending

availability due to limited group reservations)

-Canal dinner cruise

Cruise the canals on board a glass-topped boat, the perfect way to

become acquainted with the city. You will pass some of Amsterdam's

most enchanting bridges, including those depicted in some of van

Gogh's paintings. Also, enjoy a delicious dinner as you float past

some of the city's most beautiful sites.

Day 4: Amsterdam | Berlin

-Travel by train to Berlin

Arrive in historic Berlin, once again the German capital. For many

years the city was defined by the wall that separated its residents.

Since the monumental events that ended Communist rule in the East,

Berlin has re-emerged as a treasure of arts and architecture with a

vibrant heart.

-Jewish Holocaust Memorial

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, more commonly

known as the Holocaust Memorial, was designed by New York

architect, Peter Eisenman. The controversial memorial was

Inaugurated in May 2005. The Information Center is located under the

"Field of Stelae" and contains four exhibition rooms, one of which

includes all of the known names of Jewish victims.

Day 5: Berlin

-World War II themed guided sightseeing of Berlin

Today your expert local guide will lead you through the city of Berlin.

-Visit the Spy Museum

Berlin's Spy Museum follows the history of one of the world's oldest

professions: Espionage. Get a unique insight in the old "Capital of

Spies", where a wall once divided the city. Interactive displays and

technology will recount many stories that will help you to better

understand what it meant to be a spy, or spied on, during the World

Wars and Cold War.

Day 6: Berlin

-Berlin street art tour and workshop

Discover some of the greatest, latest and oldest examples of street

art, graffiti and murals in one of the world's leading capitals of urban

art. Get inspired as your expert local guide and artist takes you

through the nooks and crannies of Berlin to see some of the city's

best examples while recounting the stories that lie behind the art and

artist. Afterwards, head to your workshop space to learn some

"street-art" techniques and create your own masterpiece to bring

home with you!

-Explore Berlin on your own

The remainder of the afternoon is yours to make some new

discoveries of your own in Germany's capital. Near Alexanderplatz,

you may visit the TV Tower and observation deck, where visitors have

been taking in the ever-changing panorama of Berlin since 1969.

-Chameleon New Circus

This evening enjoy an inventive modern circus show!

Day 7: Berlin | Warsaw

-Travel by train to Warsaw

Arrive in Warsaw, Poland's capital since 1611.

-Walking tour of Warsaw

View ornate Renaissance facades and elegant baroque townhouses

during your walking tour of Warsaw, which brings you through the

enchanting Old Town-closed to all traffic except horse-drawn

carriages-to Starego Miasta Square, the city's former marketplace.

Day 8: Warsaw

-Visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum

Today you will visit a museum that depicts what life was like during

the Warsaw uprising of 1944.

-Visit the Copernicus Science Center & Planetarium

This afternoon experience science through this interactive science

museum, which as the largest science museum in Poland houses

over 450 exhibits. Your ticket also includes a show at the planetarium.

-Pierogi making class & dinner

Learn how to make this local specialty, and then enjoy it for dinner!

Day 9: Warsaw | Munich

-Fly to Munich

Welcome to Munich! This center of culture boasts over 45 museums,

10 university buildings and two opera houses. The city is also home to

the Olympic center with full facilities and more than the occasional


-Walking tour of Munich

Stroll through the very heart of Munich as you pass the twin copper

domes of the Frauenkirche, a long-standing symbol of the city. Arrive

at Marienplatz, once the intersection of medieval trade routes. Here

you can see the neo-Gothic Rathaus and the golden Mariensäule, a

Day 10: Munich

-Excursion to Dachau

Once merely another sleepy German village, Dachau has since 1933

gained notoriety as Germany's first Nazi concentration camp. Today,

the old administration building houses a museum documenting the

rise of Hitler and the horrors of camp life. Commemorative chapels

and memorials have also been built on the site, which stands as an

eternal memorial to those who endured life here until liberation by

Allied forces.

-Munich bike tour

Experience the city of Munich from a different perspective as you ride

through the city by bike.

-Hofbrauhaus dinner

Dinner at the Hofbrauhaus Drop in at the world famous Hofbrauhaus.

The original Hofbrauhaus was built in the 16th-century by the

Bavarian Duke, Wilhelm V. The Duke realized that he was spending

too much money having beer delivered in to the city, so, his solution

was to have a brewery built next to the court. His plan was a success,

and 5 centuries later the beer continues to flow. Enjoy the traditional

Bavarian music as a dirndl-wearing waitress serves you your dinner.

Day 11: Munich

-Excursion to BerchtesgadenGuided sightseeing of the Eagle's Nest & Documentation


Visit Obersalzberg, a once a popular vacation spot that became the

Third Reich's headquarters. With your guide, you'll see the ruins of

the Berghof, Hitler's residence, and the bunkers of many high-ranking

Nazis. Then take a thrilling bus ride up four and a half miles of road

blasted out of solid rock leading to Hitler's notorious Eagle's Nest.

This incredible complex, carved out of the mountain itself, is

accessible only by a 400 foot elevator to the summit. From here you

will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Alps.

-Visit the Salt Mines

Here you'll begin a fascinating underground journey through the

450-year-old salt mines-via train, boat, and wooden slides! Dressed in

traditional mining costumes and under the dim light of miners' lamps,

you'll trace the story of the "white gold" that brought wealth and

prosperity to Bavaria and nearby Salzburg literally meaning "fortress of


Day 12: Depart for home

Transfer to the airport for your return flight

Your Tour Director assists with your transfer to the airport, where

you'll check in for your return flight home.

Itinerary is subject to change.

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