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Day 7: Berlin to Warsaw

Today we woke up early to get on a 6 hour train ride from Berlin to Warsaw. We got to the train station an hour early and had time to grab some coffee and snacks before we got on to the train. We spilt up into smaller groups for the train cabins. There was atleast one random traveler in every cabin and that caused the groups to mingle less with other kids while we were on the train. But, the train ride had a small food cart that allowed almost everyone to try perogi for the very first time, everyone had a very different reaction to trying them. Some of the kids slept, read, or drew while on the train and some talked and wander around to find other kids.

Our tour guide Christoph got his makeup done by Haven and Miabella, while Brooke straightened Chris‘s hair. For some reason they also had a speaker, and Hamilton learned to play Solitaire on Miabella‘s Phone. Sara read her book, and Mitchell fell asleep. Ally got mad because she wasn’t able to nap due to the text message alarms from the random mans phone.

We learned that people without reserved seats anyone can still get on the train, but they stand in the hallway and it can get really hot on the train and smell very bad. We also learned how to properly prepare to get off and how to learn what stop you need to get off at.

After we got off of the train we headed Straight for the Copernicus Science Museum which we ended up being late to and missed the planetary movie, but we did get to walk around inside for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They had so many interesting things inside of the museum like a bed of nails, a colorless room, and a mirrored drawing station.

Inside of the museum there was a series of competitions that included: A vertical jump test, and seeing how long you could hang. In the Vertical jump test MiaBella won with a 42 cm jump, and in the Hang test Hamilton won with a 1:02 minute hang. Rylan and Mitch went to check out the bed of nails and while Rylan was getting up one went in his hand, when Mitch pulled the lever by mistake. Don’t worry he’s okay.

After the Museum we all headed to a cute little restaurant where we had chicken and rice for dinner AGAIN(it‘s getting old). But besides the main course we also had an apple tart, and spent quality time hanging out and messing around. The kids also decided to start slapping each other for a ”fun” game. That was our day in full.

Written by: Miabella

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