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Day 6: Berlin day 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Day two in Berlin was filled with many exiting, artistic, and educational adventures. The travelers had an early start heading to a hands-on graffiti workshop after breakfast, next they got to experience some ghosts of the past by visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in in central Berlin. This was followed by lots of free time there was a chance to experience different shopping deep within the city, and then finished the night off with a preformance of acrobatic theater. The students were very thrilled with these interactive activieties.

To start the day off the students enjoyed a well taught intro-to-graffiti workshop. Here they learned the art of different styles and tequniques, as well as how to clean up the finished product all through expressing themselves artistically through graffiti. Together there were 2 different teams with different visions. It was amaing to see each vision come to life with the spray paint. The students learned about the style and tequniques to use during this process. Both of the works had differnt unique styles. One was more clean cut, where the other had the traditional bubble letters. The teachers also created a masterpiece with help from some of the students.

The next thing that the students did during this exiting day was go to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews. Here they learned about all of the awful things that happend during the Holocaust. There were multiple rooms with different activities to help the visitors understand the horror of the events that occured during this time. This memorial leads to a maze of concrete blocks. Here you walk along corridors where there is an illusion of ghosts. As you walk you catch glimpses of people walking through it as well. Some people allow their children to play along the outsides of the memorial creating apperience of childrens spirits from deep with-in the maze.

The travelers were allowed to have a bit of free time during which some students got to go shopping at second hand shops and flee markets. Here they found many gems which they cherish, including clothing, pouches, jewelry, and many more things.

The students ended the day with a thrilling preformance of The Elephant in the Room. The plot was about a woman who killed all of her many husbands in order to gain fortune. This was not the case for the final husband when he plan backfires and kills all of the servants and a business partner. This show included actions as an expiation throughout the story. It was a beautiful show and the travelers really enjoyed it.

This concludes day 6 of our amazing travels.

Written by Brooke

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